Wardrobe Wake Up!

Wardrobe small

Do you have a wardrobe with lots of clothes but feel you have nothing to wear?
Would you like less clothes but more outfit choices?
Do you have clothes in your wardrobe with the labels still on?

If you answer yes to the above question then my Wardrobe wake up consultation is perfect for you.

During the consultation we cover the following;

• Initial chat over a much needed cup of coffee so I can understand where you are struggling, your personality and your lifestyle.

This is so important so I can make the best recommendations during our time together.

• I work through your wardrobe piece by piece asking questions such as ‘when did you last wear this item’, ‘why don’t you wear it’, ‘why is it your favourite item’ etc.

• I will make recommendations for new outfits using existing items, you will be left with more outifts to wear

• A wardrobe wake up is not about removing every item from your wardrobe, it is about understanding why you don’t wear items, removing items that don’t suit your body shape and those that have seen better days

• This consultation will leave you feeling revitalised, I promise you!